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Come out and enjoy our beautiful Pickleball Courts. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport and is for all ages.

It is a great sport for beginners as the rules are simple. Every Tuesday during the busy season beginner lessons are available at 9am. The basics and rules of the game are shared and taught by volunteers from the park. At 10am games are played to develop your newly learned skills. Balls are available on the fence inside the court and there are spare paddles located in the adjacent shed. Currently the courts are padlocked as well as the shed. You can obtain the combination from either Park office or contact the people listed below. Coming soon, the courts locks will be changed to ‘fob’ access.

Please wear tennis shoes.

We do not have a league. The courts are open for all to enjoy. We have scheduled times at 9am every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to meet and play at the courts. A process is in place that ensures everyone has equal playing time.

A whiteboard is located adjacent to the main gate to the courts with UpToDate information regarding times and announcements. You can use this board to find a match with other pickleballers. Just put your name and time you want to play and others who see your note and are available at that time will meet you at the courts for fun, laughter and exercise.

We do have a voluntary annual membership of $10. These funds are used to purchase balls, spare paddles, etc. Pickleballers are supporters to the activity committee, whether it is hosting a coffee hour, serving at Bayfest, or hosting a movie night.

You can find more information about Pickleball on the following website

Club Chair – Robin Smith (269) 788-4571
Vice Chair - Andy Guinan (231) 852-0415

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

Activity Committee Rules Activity Committee Rules