Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:   03/13/2019 1:00 pm     Number attending:  34

The meeting started with a Poem & Prayer written by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, and read by Heidy due to Sylvia’s absence.

Lunch was served.

Treasurer’s report:     Was $2,550.69 to start this month, donations made to Activity Committee-$200, Guide Dogs--$500, Fire Dept.--$250, and reimbursement to Activity committee for purchase of kitchen can opener-- $102. Balance is $1509.65. Final expenses are not all in yet for the Hot dog sales, but sales generated $888.00 and $19.00 was donated. Phyllis Cook is taking membership dues today for those who have not paid yet.

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as posted on the bulletin board and website, and sent to the members by email

All new members and/or guests were introduced and welcomed.


Old Business:

Heidy thanked all for the decorations at today’s meeting. Thank you notes were presented from several of our charities.

“His Girls Blessings” shop discussion : They need volunteers. Pauline Hall is volunteering there and would be willing to share a contact name with others who want to volunteer.

Heidy announced we sold out of hot dogs on 3/4—350 sold. Baked goods sold well, but there was an excess left over.

New Business:

Style show is scheduled for Thursday, March 21

We have 10 models signed up, please meet with Karen after the meeting.

Marianne Goerges is in charge of table decoration & table setup.

Cookies need to be baked—tea sized please, 2 dozen each.

In charge of punch—Tina Mohr volunteered.

In charge of coffee—Paula P. volunteered

Taking tickets and handing out raffle tickets—Wendy Graf & Violet Anderson

Gifts for the drawing need to be brought to Phyllis Cook, we still need some

Joyce N. is selling tickets. Tickets sold thus far do not constitute and full seating. Today anyone can buy or take tickets to sell, however we need the money and/or tickets turned in by Monday so we have a final count for seating.

Nominating committee report--- the following are running for two year terms:

Susan Miller is running unopposed for President

Jean Colson is running unopposed for Vice President

Joyce Farrington is running unopposed for treasurer.

The committee was unable to secure a commitment for someone to run for Secretary.

The suggestion was made to stagger the office vacancies in the future to avoid having a complete turnover of all officers.

Joyce then agreed to continue in the Secretary position for 1 more year to at least put that position on a staggered schedule from the others.

Vote was taken for the above offices to be filled by those named, and all present were in agreement. None opposed.

Heidy informed us someone in the park is in need of assistance to pay for needed plumbing work. A motion & second was made to assist this shareholder up to a $500.00 amount. Vote taken and it passed unanimously.

Heidy distributed a get-well card for all to sign for Sylvia Fenton.

Next meeting (last of the season) is Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Nicholson, Secretary