Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes 4/12/17

Date/Time:________4/12/17__  12:30 pm___               Number attending:   15

Poem & Prayer by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, followed by lunch served

Treasurer’s report:       In Phyllis’s absence, Heidy gave the treasurers report.  We have $1,857 in our account and we need to donate to the Activity Committee.  It was moved, seconded and voted for approval to donate $200.00 to the Activity Committee.  Heidi will let Phyllis know.  Some discussion about other charities occurred.  Susan Miller mentioned a new group she has heard of through her church called “Seelah Freedom” and they help those who are victims of human trafficking, which is significant in this area.   She will look into more information about this and report at next season’s meeting.

Old Business:

Heidy reported we gave 13 more bags to Turning points from materials donated, so that makes a total of 65 bags this season.  

Joyce read a thank-you letter form the Guide Dogs organization for the $500.00 we donated to them.

It was shared with the group that a negative incident occurred at Christopher & Banks after our fashion show and one of our RV park guests threatened to write to the corporate office regarding their store.  Marilyn apologized to Susan Herren, who conducted our show, and indicated the overall consensus by our group was very positive.  It was suggested that we could individually go to their website or yelp & leave a positive review in support of Susan & the store.  Joyce shared that a letter from the Ladies Friendship Club had already been sent to the Christopher & Banks Corporate office as well.

New Business:

Heidy suggested we do something to have fun at coffee hour next year (January) as perhaps a Hillbilly Style Show and the majority of the group was in agreement.  She recommended we look for items, such as overalls, etc. when we go home this summer.

Susan Miller tanked everyone who has expressed their support to her since being elected President of the Board, and she encouraged others in our group, who have the credentials, critical thinking skills, and a desire to collaborate in improving the park, to consider running for the Board of Directors next year. 

Heidy thanked everyone for their support of her as our leader and shared her gratitude for all the volunteering and efforts by everyone in the group this season.   We accomplished a lot very successfully by working together in a spirit of friendship.

Remember we will have obligations at the Christmas bazaar with the bake sale and also helping with the luncheon on December 2.  This commitment will be before our next meeting, so please consider helping when you are contacted next November. 

The next meeting was announced for Wednesday, December 13. 

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  Joyce Nicholson, Secretary